14.11.2014 the grand opening of a modern elevator complex of “elevator Uspikh Rokitne

Initiator of the project agro-industrial corporation “Uspikh”, was established in 2001 as an association of agro-producers of the Kiev region.

The total cost of the project: 80 million UAH.
Term of investments: 9 months.
Construction period: February – October 2014
Reception: 2,5 tonnes / day
Drying: 2,000 tons / day
Shipping: (Car and railway): 2,400 tons / day
Power: 40 000 tons

The purpose of the elevator is the provision of agricultural area for the storage, drying and cleaning of grain in the amount of about 100 thousand tons / year.

The ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Vladimir Shandra, the founders of the agro-industrial corporations Guziy Alexey and Victor Guziy, representatives of local authorities – Chairman of Regional State Administration Rokitnyansky Didyk YURII.

Guziy Alex addressed the participants of the event and expressed his gratitude for the contribution of each in the matter on behalf of the shareholders of the agro-industrial corporation “Uspikh” and myself, I thanked the team, without which it would be impossible to implement the project, as well as local and regional authorities, with the support and assistance in many issues. Besides Guziy Alexey  assured that he would continue friendly cooperation in tandem and all institutions will be supported and encouraged.


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