Alexei Guziy – General Director, founder and shareholder Agricultural Corporation “USPIKH”
Responsible for developing the overall strategic policies, as well as control over the activities of executive bodies of Corporation.

Victor Makhovsky – Deputy General Director of Production
Responsible for the organization and control of production processes in the units of Corporation.

Igor Pavlusenko – Deputy Director General for Commercial Affairs.
Responsible for the storage, transportation and marketing of agricultural products.


Alexander Vasheka – Deputy General Director of legal support.
Responsible for legal support of economic activities of the corporation, protecting the interests of the interaction with contractors and regulatory agencies.

Gennady Zakharov – Deputy General Director for Finance and Development.
Responsible for the management of financial flows, tax planning and investment promotion.

Vuiko Vasily – Deputy General Director of Agronomy.

Responsible for process maps, development and introduction of advanced agricultural technologies.


Viktor Shirokov – Deputy General Director for engineering development.

Responsible for the maintenance of the park equipment, warehousing.